How hungry are you?

What is it that you hunger?

Food? Love? Money? Attention? Promotion? A new car? A pair of shoes? A piece of artwork? We are all hungry for something..

I find more so than most in the adult industry. Men are hungry for fun and the women are hungry for the money. What happened to having a great time and enjoying human interaction. Meeting a lady? Meeting a guy? Making a plan and sharing an encounter that was memorable, rather than a sporting achievement?

Bang, in a puff of smoke, all the nice seems to have disappeared! Inquiries are coming thick and fast, asking for nude photos, ridiculous (and often degrading) requests, dick pics, one word messages, and the ladies are getting tired and ruder, and hungrier for the money. They are negotiating, striking deals, discounting services, and turning the industry into a desperate game of who can get the most for less…. both ways!

Really!! Ladies, pull your panties up and cross your legs! Hold your head up and be proud of who you are and what you have chosen as a profession. You are not summer sale. You are NOT a below average human being… but boy, are some of you sure behaving as such!

Men… you don’t get off hook here. Your requests are getting worse and worse, and I am blocking numbers quicker than I am writing this. The number of requests for selfies, nude pictures, and unsafe sex services are out of control!!! Why would any man, or lady want to go down the path of natural sex in this day and age…??

F#@K OFF!!! If you are looking to employ a professional lady for an hour or two, or even a lifetime, and you are wanting natural sex, you, in my books, are quite possibly one of the dirtiest creatures that walks the earth… and if you are a lady offering natural sex, by means of the temptation of a few extra dollars, then you are running right along side of the filthy male asking for it.

This is real and it is happening!!! It is happening in Australia and it is happening in Asia.. and more in your face than ever! The number of inquiries outweigh the possibility of this not happening. I hate to burst somebody’s bubble of joy, but there are some serious diseases that are incurable, from Herpes to HIV, and of course so many that are undetectable. Why would you as a client, or you are a professional lady want to go down this path…?

I can not fathom not respecting ones own self worth. You are all someones daughter or son, possibly someones partner or parent, a sister, a brother, but you are all somebody that matters to somebody else, so why would you want to play a game of Russian roulette for a few dollars…

That kick, be it only once off (in your head) could be a lifetime sentence. How can you tell if somebody is ‘clean’… because they said so? Or because they are pretty, or rich, or lovely or what-the-fuck-ever… If they are asking you, or saying yes to you, I guarantee you are NOT the only one!!

I know this article will raise a lot of eyebrows, and many of you will have your own chain of thoughts, but just remember, this is my blog and my thoughts, and if you don’t like them, don’t follow them 🙂

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Love Thy Client

If you are an avid social media follower, then you would be right in the know of the grumbling, and the nastiness, and the cockiness that is served upon many a male client by ladies within the sex industry… Yes, I have been guilty of sharing my thoughts in regards to the occasional shitty punter that really gets my skin crawling, but I don’t like to make a habit of it.

I love my clients, and I love the personal connection I have with them as much as I love the intimate connection… You heard it right. I really do!

I am a single female, and like every normal human being, I love intimacy on all levels. I crave affection, passion and attention, and I am not afraid to admit it. I don’t seek the perfect 10 in a male partner, or The Rock lookalike (but wouldn’t turn him away of course). I enjoy the companionship of a genuine gentleman who is happy, and excited to be in my company. Someone who respects me as a human being (as well as craves me as a sexy desire of course), and the best part about my line of work is that I get that!

I often feel guilty, when I look forward to meeting a familiar face, because the conversation flows from last time, common grounds have been met, and there is a good chance he has already hit my g-spot, so I know the sex is going to be fabulous! I’m winning!!

As for a new friend, I get nervous to a degree, but that is even more stimulating. I get excited talking to someone, and getting to know them, including their likes and dislikes before I have even met them face to face. Then the pleasure I get from dressing to impress them. It’s all really exciting!

The sex with a new partner can be so intense too. I love the WOW factor when we first meet. There are snippets of my face on the internet, and a lot of photos to show off my best (or preferred assets) but I know that when I walk in the door, or they walk in mine, they are about to meet one hell of a stunning and sassy lady, and for me, that WOW factor is second to none!

I really enjoy making my way around unfamiliar territory (so to speak) just to see how far I can take a new lover, or how far he can take me. New friends are great learners, and I am more than happy to take them on the g-spot exploration, both ways of course!

So ask me if I love me life, yes I do! Ask me if I love my clients, yes I do! Ask me if I could go back in time, would I change a thing? No, I wouldn’t. I really love being ‘Rene Joile‘ and YES, Love Thy Client? Yes, I do!!


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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.

Boyfriends. AUGH!! Really, to be honest with you, you CAN NOT have a boyfriend and live this lifestyle. It is a recipe for disaster. Not only does it mess with your head, it always ends up costing you money…

Ladies, if it’s the picket fence you want, go and plant some daisies. Don’t walk around with your head in the clouds, kidding yourself that you can get up each day, and reapply your makeup for 2,3,4 or 5 lovers, then be lucky enough to find that special one. Nope! It won’t happen

You will either end up meeting a guy who is completely unknowing of what you are doing for a living, therefore you will spend hours and hours, day and nights making up stories and lies to pretend you have a life completely different to what you have, or you will meet a super-hot client that blows your socks off, then starts to have issues with what you are doing for work, because he knows.. He was there. He remembers that day you walked into the room, and dropped to your knees and pulled you best slut face out and sucked his cock, and absolutely loved blowing his head off…

There will come a night when you have an overnight, or jump on a plane for travel, or go out for dinner, and he will be sitting at home, or out with the guys, and one of his mates, says, ‘Hey James, where is your girl tonight?’ and then he has to come up with a big almighty lie, but his mind goes first to what you really are doing.. AND that memory comes back of you on your knees with cum dripping down your chin, dripping down your chest, and he remembers how you rubbed it in to your boobs as you looked him right in the eyes.. smiling.

Yep. The demon in his head starts to emerge. The questions will come. The guilt trips will begin, and automatically as it is in our female makeup, we step into protection mode and want to make him feel better, so our work schedule changes, and you start cancelling clients, then your phone goes off and you emails are getting checked less regularly, and before you know it you are scratching around wondering how to make ends meet and get your bills paid…

Ladies, I don’t care what people will tell you, sure everybody may or may not relate to this, but this is one of the major sacrifices that you make when you make ‘a deal with the devil’ so to speak and sell your body for money… you sacrifice an open and honest relationship.

There are very few men that are ok with their lady going to bed each day, or night with another man, or with multiple men. Unless you have a very clear understanding of an open relationship, and you are prepared for him to sleep with others too, then it is pretty difficult for any relationship to survive. I know of only a few, and those that survive are very sexually open, and liberal about having other lovers in their life.

I don’t know about you, but I am not open to sharing someone with another, even though my job shares intimacy, the same as yours. Not many guys get it, for the right reasons. I am happy if you do, and almost envious, but then again, I really like my life as it is, and even though I have been guilty of the ‘picket fence daydream’ occasionally, I snap right out of it again pretty quickly!

Back to work!

Rene Joile xo


Face or No Face?

The question asked by so many professional ladies, especially the newbies coming into the industry. Shall I show my face or not? Will it make a difference?

There are pros and cons to showing your face, and doing so or not attracts a different calibre of clientele. Not that one calibre is better or worse than the other, there is just the group of men that don’t mind knowing other people may recognise you (in fact, they probably don’t even think about it), and then there are the other that really love the surprise of meeting you for the first time!

When I first started in the industry, some 20 odd years ago, I had no problem showing my face… for a short time anyway, then I quickly removed it from my advertising as I started to feel silly things like ‘everybody recognises me’ and crap like that.

For years and years I went to special effort to maintain my discretion, not only because I had a small child, but because I kept what I did private and I had a straight professional life. I didn’t want my moonlighting to have an impact on my straight professional life.

Then I went through another faze, where I didn’t really care, as I felt I was proud enough of myself to not care what people thought of what I did, because I was in control of my life not them, then I bounced back to the need to hide my face as my kids got older and internet access became a thing and I knew it wouldn’t be long before my son was surfing the net looking for hot chicks with big tits, and WHOA! Here come his mother, as large as life on screen, scantily dressed with ‘available now’ plastered all over the place!

It really is catch 22.

In all honesty though, showing or not showing my face has had zero impact on my life as an international escort. It has not made my richer or poorer, or happier or sadder.

What it does do, however, is make me feel a little more cautious of when I travel through customs here and there in fear of being pulled aside, not because I am doing anything wrong, but to be queried in case customs assume I may be working illegally in their country. It also makes me a little nervous when I check into hotels that don’t know me, in case somebody has seen my face and I wonder if they put me on alert as I check in.. Who knows?

Things that you really need to consider though if you do decide to show your face in your advertising, is things like facial recognition. Facebook for example.. How often have you posted a picture on facebook, and up pops a little window tagging people that facebook think they are. Yep! That’s right. Imagine posting a super hot pic from your last shoot, with you and your doubles partner sucking on a popsicle while one of you is grinding the others leg, and your aunty that you rarely see from the other side of the country posts a picture and it tags your working name, or you post pics on a new ad site and they check your pics through tinyeye or google and the facial recognition brings up your real life facebook profile…. Ok it’s not so bad if an ad site does it, but it seriously sucks if it is a client that does it.

Technology is really bringing big brother closer to home. So, again the question is, to show your face or to not show your face…?? Up to you really, but think about it. Once it’s there, you can’t hide from it. That’s the reality of it, and you have got to live with that for a lifetime to come.

Oh by the way, in case you missed it, my income didn’t change when I showed my face, and if I had of known that it wouldn’t have made a difference, then I would never have shown it.

Rene Joile xo



My Life in Transit

As I sit on yet another flight and look out the window, I can’t help but wonder how long before this lifestyle starts to take its toll on me. I sometimes take up to 6 international flights a month, and often not much longer than 4 or 5 days in each city I stop at. Sometimes I am only away overnight, but I guess that’s the good thing about everything in Asia being so close.

This morning was weird. I woke up at 3am with no idea where I was. I was in a semi sleep state as I reached over to find water, and my eyes tried to focus on the darkness in the room to make out where I was…. Ah, Singapore. That’s right. I had totally forgotten as I was in a different place to where I usually would be.

There are so many pros to being and international escort but there a lot of negatives too. In response to so many dm’s I get from ladies over the years asking me about what it is like to travel abroad so frequently… I will try to do my best to shed some light on my life, now J

There is something really liberating, and grown up about jetting off to the other side of the world with a feeling of importance. Not only to yourself, but to those that are eager to spend time with you. It is really quite an honour to be treated as a movie star as you arrive in a different city. The smiles on the faces of the hotel staff when you check in. The cheeky grin from the room service ladies. The twist of the necks of the gents you walk past them enroute to somewhere you have never been before.

I am not sure what it is, but for me, when I pack to leave for a destination, I get butterflies of excitement each time, no matter how often I travel. I just love it. I love to look at the weather for the days of weeks ahead, and look at my diary, social and business, selecting outfits to suit every occasion, shoes and handbags. Then the fun of squeezing them all into a suitcase, packing and repacking, weighing my luggage, juggling necessities with things I can really live without (which usually if half the contents of my suitcase).

I am getting bag smart now however, but you would think so after over 20 years + abroad as an international escort. Now I pretty much fly between international cities in Asia with carry on, perfect. All my makeup is in under 100ml bottles, creams, lotions and potions all transferred into smaller bottles, and most other things like liquid soups, mouthwash etc I purchase as I arrive if need be, but then again, most of the hotels supply most of this little items anyway so travelling with them isn’t really necessary.

I guess now living in Asia it makes life a lot easier, as I don’t need to travel heavy, and short trips are easier than ever. Lucky me!

The cons.

Occasionally, although not often I might add, there are feelings of loneliness. Not for personal companionship, but just not being able to pick up the phone and chat endlessly to one of your girlfriends. Different time zones makes it hard, especially when most of your friends and lifelines are in Australia, or elsewhere in the world. Everywhere else is behind or in front… so when you sit down at the end of the day, and put your feet up on the couch and feel like dribbling endless crap to somebody that loves you enough to listen… they are all in bed, possibly snoring their head off, because of the time difference.

Personal companionship for some reason, isn’t really an issue, because as you travel more and more, you build ‘relationships’ so to speak with your clients, and you seem to have your favourites… well I do, and I love my time with them, in fact I look forward to my time with them, not only for the conversation but for the intimate companionship. Relationships with your clients seem to become more than a way of life, they are a major part of who you are.

It’s an interesting life living precariously through other people’s husbands and partners, but you get very accustomed to it, and waking up next to somebody day in and day out isn’t really a necessity. You (well I do) seem to get very comfortable with own space, and your own company, that the thought of having somebody beside you day in and day out almost becomes smothering…

I really like my life the way it is. I love the freedom, the liberation, and the space around me. To be able to travel, walk around naked, fart freely (yes, we all do it), get drunk, play whatever music you like, watch whatever you want on TV, be silly, play dress up, do whatever you like is so liberating.

I spend most of my days, when I am home alone, naked… yep! No need to wear clothes. Well, it’s warm for starters every day, so there is no chance of snap freezing my nipples off. Then when I feel like it, I might mosey down to the street to grab some fresh fruits, or to the pool (my office), or to the gym. I have a massage almost every day, and my massage lady, although she barely speaks more than 5 words of English, makes me smile from ear to ear. I am not sure if she knows what I do for a living, no reason why she should really, but she is well aware of my frequency in and out of town. I love her.

My housekeeper. Oh my, she is something else. She pops in and out to check my humidifier when I am away. You can’t live in Asia without one or everything in your cupboards will grow mouldy with humidity. She is fabulous. Her English is pretty good, and she scoots across to see me on her motorcycle. She takes me to the markets occasionally, or we just scoot around with no real purpose on the motorcycle. I love it. We laugh and laugh, and I still haven’t got used to the need to not suck my stomach in as we squeeze in and out of traffic.

I never seem to get bored with my own company when I am travelling, and I call living in Asia part of travelling because I walk in and out of customs so frequently, I am rarely ever home for more than 2 weeks at a time…. But I am looking forward to having an extended holiday over the Christmas and New Year season without leaving my 2km radius… apart from perhaps a beach holiday with my kids when they come over.

Being an International escort, is a great life, so full of opportunity and surprise. I just love travelling. I don’t really see myself slowing down for many years to come. Seriously, I just love it, and Australia isn’t really far away. If I get home sick, I jump on a plane, pull my laptop out and write something new. I am really enjoying writing lately too!

See you at the pool!

Rene Joile x

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Singapore International Escort

Mentorship or Bullshit?

The latest craze is ‘escort mentorship’ for Australian ladies wanting to up their branding, increase their popularity, or to learn the ropes in regards to international touring.

Mentorship.. Ok, I get it, but where do you get it from? From a lady you know, from a real business mentor, from reading forums, from asking ladies on twitter or from other escorts??

What exactly is mentorship? ‘Google, help me. I am confused.’

noun: mentorship; plural noun: mentorships; noun: mentor-ship; plural noun: mentor-ships
the guidance provided by a mentor, especially an experienced person in a company or educational institution.
“he is revered by his employees for his mentorship and problem-solving qualities”
a period of time during which a person receives guidance from a mentor.
“a two-year mentorship with an entrepreneur in a tech start-up”



Ok. Mentorship is a service provided by an experienced professional that can offer guidance, and assist with problem solving in a particular field. In this field we are talking international prostitution.

I am really surprised at the number of experts there are nowadays in the field of ‘international sex work‘. I had no idea that there were so many ladies that were qualified to educate other ladies on how to market their vaginas and keep them safe from harm in countries other than their own (or even in their own actually). I can not believe how many ladies are so knowledgeable with the laws of working internationally… 

Mentorship has become a word used by ladies that are currently actively working in the industry. The latest faze is costing the newbies that are looking for mentorship 30-40% of their earnings or stupid sums of unearned money for what?…

I am no dummy, but let me get this clear. The ladies that are claiming to be mentors are charging ladies a ton of money to follow them like sheep and do what they are told to do. So basically, what they ladies are paying for is to be a groupie?? Are these ladies qualified to be able to give you real and accurate advise. Ask just one of them what you should do if the police knock on your door, or if the hotel you are staying at asks you to leave, or if a client stands over you demanding you empty your safe… Are you ok with all that? Are they? Are they mentoring you on how to look after your safety?

Aside from that, International touring isn’t that hard. You post an ad on or, perhaps, or (all the naughty network sites are fun and mostly free). Use google to find which other sites come up in search and post free ads on them. Pay if you must but don’t go crazy. Join a few of the uber private facebook groups for escorts that whisper all the secrets about who goes where, and what they wear in Asia, and to find hotels, and bingo, you are an International Escort!

The hard part is being able to afford to travel internationally, and that’s where ladies fall apart. Touring is expensive! On average your expenses will be between $3500-$6000AU a week, so consider it carefully. I always say, ‘if you can’t afford a holiday, you can’t afford to tour‘, so think very carefully before you plan to go… oh, and as for planning, you need to run your ads about 3-6 weeks out before you go.

You don’t need a local number, whatsapp will suffice, just be careful and remember to speak to your prospective clients on a real number before locking in any arrangements. Your gut instinct is your biggest protector. If  you don’t have it, don’t go!

IMPORTANT: You are touring illegally in any country you are entering on a holiday visa! (something your silly mentor will neglect to think is relevant). Unless you have a work visa or residency, you are working illegally and it doesn’t matter what you read or who tells you otherwise.. The facts are the facts! You are working illegally in any country if you enter on a holiday visa, so don’t kid yourself into thinking otherwise! You need to be aware, and have Plan B should the worst happen! I can tell you now, any flossy on the other side of the phone that calls herself a mentor or PA will die a 1000 deaths if you called for help with an real situation, because I guarantee she doesn’t have a Plan B either… yet she is OK to tell you how to get yourself into the mess you might get in??

Ok, now back to the mentorship. I think that’s pretty good info, so how about you deposit 40% into my account or pay me a ridiculous sum for that information… No, I didn’t think so! I will keep going anyway.

Have you never heard the saying, ‘Don’t let your right hand know what your left hand is doing.’? Think about it……

Ladies, if you seriously believe you need mentoring, can I suggest you do an online course in marketing, or watch a few podcasts from major companies. There are many great facebook groups that focus on woman and business, and guess what, you might be a sex worker, but you are a business. There is nothing that you will learn in a business course that won’t apply to your life as an escort. Really!

A few pointers from me though (put another 100 in my account). If you do intend to be truly an independent lady of the globe, or even Australia, you need to have YOUR OWN WEBSITE!! There is no sense in learning, and or spending money on mentorship (choke splutter vomit), if you are going to send all your hard earned traffic to a directory link that offer the visitors a wild cocktail of sexy women. Besides that most of the websites you can advertise on FREE will require a link exchange, and you can’t do that on a directory page.

Create a free site on wordpress (like this one – it has cost me NOTHING) or make a pretty one on wix like my other one at or, but for-goodness sake, do yourself a favour and get your own website… even a one page site will do!! DO NOT even consider spending good money on sending your traffic to your competitors!

I know there are many bonuses for having a beautiful page on a directory, but what happens if you decide to take a break for 1 or 2, or 6 months from working… you loose all your traffic, your followers, your fans, your clients, everything, OR you have to keep paying to maintain an advertisement that you don’t need… unless of course you have tons of money and really don’t mind giving it away!

Not confident enough to build your own site. No problem, there are many companies that will build you a site for less that what you will be paying a so called mentor. Google escort web design. Find a designer. Look at their clients and get them to build it, ad do all the Escort SEO stuff for your site too!

Back to the mentorship thing…. its very lovely to see your name being mentioned by a well known name in the industry, and all lovely to feel a part of a special group, but what are you paying for?? An education? Fame and fortune? Or someone to answer your phones and take your messages? Hey, that’s not mentorship. Or is it a PA??

I can’t help but include the PA bullshit into this too…. what is a PA? Do I need to use google or are you all pretty clear that a Personal Assistant is somebody employed by you to assist you with the tasks you don’t want to do, or tasks you don’t have time to do..

A PA does NOT take a commission in your business. Fact!

My PA, yes, I have one but you would never know she existed because she does things like monitor when my ads are due, arranges my pics to be edited or changed in my ads, updates my ads with the information I give her, follows up on what is on in cities I am looking to visit at whatever times I am considering going, check if there are any reasons why I shouldn’t go (eg Hong Kong is a bugger for huge events that block the city so those ties are best avoided, and Singapore loves public holidays).

My PA does NOT answer my calls or messages. She does NOT have a second number that she uses in advertisements. She does NOT arrange my bookings or converse with my clients pretending to be me. She does NOT take commissions from my work.

I pay my PA an hourly fee, and allocate X amount of hours each week or month for her to do the tasks I set out for her to do. My PA is not a working lady trying to juggle phones for multiple ladies in between bookings and her own priority to make her own income.

Anybody that takes commission from your work is a commission AGENTNOT a PA

So ladies, mentorship or bullshit, you decide, but I am pretty sure that it is bullshit. If you really are serious and you would like mentorship, I am more than happy to refer or recommend a retired escort who has time to focus on your needs, but seriously, go through facebook and find some marketing vids on YouTube.

You really can do it on our own!

Rene Joile xx



Where are you manners, Sir?

An inquiry:




“you free now”



Wouldn’t you think after being ignored the first time, that you really are being ignored?

If I had $1 for every time somebody contacted me with a one word approach, I would be spending every second afternoon at Gucci on Orchard Rd, instead of sitting here in the hotel club room writing a blog about the joys of one word messages..

“hi” “hello” “hai” “you there” “free now” “cost”.. seriously? What sort of a reply are you expecting, and besides that if you were a decent human being with a real job with little time to spare, you would be desperate to put more than 1 or 2 words together to ensure you got a decent reply rather than a back handed comment from a pissed off lady.

But on the other hand, perhaps you like to be told off by a pissed off lady, or perhaps your weenie gets hard at the thought of knowing that you are raising her temperature and infuriating by sending her stupid 1 or 2 word messages….. or really do you think we are going to go into an extended chat session, followed by blowing each other loving kisses in the breeze with pussy pics..??

You have rocks in your head. No brain. Just rocks!!!

How would you like it if you were in your office, in the midst of a crazy busy day dealing with bankers, builders and candlestick makers, and along comes this message, “hi”. What do you do. Reply with baited breath, then drop everything and sit with your phone in hot sweaty hand hoping for another message with possibly 2 words… no way!! You just press delete and move on as if that message never existed, because it doesn’t. It wasn’t even a message, it was an annoying beep on your phone, but you have fixed the issue now, because your phone is now on silent and that douche-bag has been blocked. The next message you will bother with wont be a reply from that illiterate idiot, perhaps another but not the same one.

Gents, we are all busy. Whether it be busy at the hairdressers, or a busy afternoon at the Singapore stock exchange, still we are all busy, so please when you do contact a lady that you are interested in conversing with, to say the least, please string at least a sentence together. Include your country or city, because a touring international lady is just that a TOURING INTERNATIONAL LADY... which means not a local lady and unless you tell her where you are, she really has no idea where you are.

If you are contacting an international lady, assume she may be a travelling lady, and visit many countries and cities, thus have many ads on many sites, so if you are (for example) in Singapore, try “Hi, I am in Singapore this evening and wondering if you are available.” (Yes, I know I repeated myself)

The next TABOO is calling her on whatsapp…. on video call!! I mean, seriously!! What are you thinking?? If the lady on the other side of the phone wanted people to just randomly video call her, she would be all set up in a cam room with lipstick, leathers and lace ready to blow your socks off…. but she is NOT, so don’t be so rude to randomly VIDEO CALL her. (Idiot! *said under my breath)

Admittedly, a standard whatsapp call isn’t nearly as bad as a whatsapp video call, but it is still pretty dam bad, and equally rude and annoying!! 99.9% of whatsapp callers are calling from a +91, not that I have anything against India (in fact, I love Indian gentlemen!) but to the whatsapp serial offenders, get a real job and stop harassing us!

Let’s go through the pros and cons of using whatsapp… Ok, it is safe and secure. Messages are encrypted so the nasty eyes that collect info can’t see what you are sending ‘apparently‘ and the best part is YOU CAN USE FAKE NUMBERS ON WHATSAPP.. Oh ‘what’s that’, I heard half the Australian ladies touring into Asia and other parts of the world say….

Yes, ladies, that is right. You can spend $1 on a number and get a whatsapp account. The number doesn’t even have to be registered or even belong to anyone. So thumbs up to all the silly girls that are taking calls and making plans to meet guys that hide behind whatsapp numbers whilst in a foreign country…. Thumbs up for working safely when you are really working illegally in a country other than the one you are legally able to work in.

You have no idea who or where the other person is on the other side of that little phone in your hand, why? Because one person can create 20 accounts, using as many country codes as they want to spend their $1 on, and with this, they can make as much of a nuisance as they like because there is no way for you, or anybody else to find out who they are…. Oh this takes me to the subject of ‘no shows’… are they really no shows or are they another disgruntled lady or agency with a laptop and a handful of fake whatsapp numbers making whatsapp meetings to see you with no intention to really see you, but every intention to make sure you have a really terrible stay…… oh and this goes back to a comment I made in a previous blog ‘if you can’t afford a holiday, don’t tour‘.

Ladies and gents, it is really important for the both of you, to be able to speak directly to the lady/client that you are proposing to spend time with. By doing this, you need to make the call using a real phone and call a real phone, not a free ap. There is zero safety in using a free ap to discuss personal and sensitive issues.

Gents, if you are serious about booking a lady.. ! First and foremost, you must be able to afford a real phone and a few dollars making a call from your real phone to her real phone. There are many ‘pimps’ throughout Asia that sit behind the screen full of whatsapp windows, pretending to be the ‘lady in the picture‘. Why, if you are serious about connecting with a touring lady, why would you waste your time on idiot pimps that are basically human traffickers… I fully understand the reluctance to offer the deposits that the ladies are asking for, because I too would be hesitant to pay many via a whatsapp chat to a buxom blonde in fear of a hairy arsed man arrives in a pink frilly dress and crutchless knickers…

Make the call, you both need to know each of you exist.

SELFIES…. STOP asking for photos! ‘selfie’ ‘selfie’ ‘selfie’.. shove your selfie request where it fits. For me, as with most touring ladies, we are independent or agency managed, therefore we are real (and you know it because you spoke to us on the phone, right?) and you also spent 30 seconds putting our names into google to find our websites, (which you actually visited) or reviews, or pictures… oh whatever, it’s your money haha!

You DO NOT need to ask a lady for a selfie. If she is so compelled to send it to you, she will, but don’t treat her like a you are buying a used car and ask her for a shitty iphone selfie… and ladies why would you send a selfie to some random freebie number?? Haven’t you already got enough pics in your ads? Send them a link to an ad with pics…. they don’t need anymore!

Ladies, you need to hear the voice of the person you are going to meet. Your gut instinct won’t look after you otherwise, and how will you know if that person even can speak English.. How will you stop somebody from doing something to you that isn’t kosher if they can’t (or pretend to not) understand what your boundaries are? Within 1 minute of hearing a voice, you will know if that client is for you. You also have the right to be fussy!

Another issue many touring ladies seem to forget, or overlook, is the legality of what you are doing when you are in another country. I have tweeted this several times, and will write a future blog on it, but in reality, while you are ‘working’ in another country, you are ‘working illegally‘ unless you have a work permit or a visa that allows you to work legally in that country… and I am pretty confident in saying that 99.9% of the touring ladies that are leaving Australia to take on the world do so with Australian passports.. just because you may be going to a country where it it legal to work in, that does NOT mean it it legal for you. It is legal for those that are citizens of that country, those that pay the taxes, vote in elections, those that qualify for medical benefits or whatever, not for YOU with your Aussie passport and holiday visa!

The fact of the matter is if you are an Australian lady, you are working illegally in any country apart from you own!! Comprehendo? No, most of you will never get it because you are too dumb to realise that, that is why you are taking calls and making appointments via free aps with no real idea who is receiving the information you are giving them.. Yes, I called you dumb. I am sorry (not sorry), but if that is what you are doing, then you are! Not only are you making it unsafe for you, you are making it unsafe for the rest of the ladies… but you don’t care if someone else gets hurt or worse, busted.. do you?

Lack of communication is a real issue!! For both the client and lady, without it there is the risk of lack of discretion, the risk of running into the law, or for the guys.. your wife or business associate, or a stand over pimp with that hairy arsed male in a filly pink dress and crutchless knickers on. Why would you risk walking into a hotel, or risk inviting someone to your hotel when you have NO IDEA who you are talking to..?? Why?

Play it safe everyone, use manners, communicate and MAKE THAT CALL… Don’ take the word of a few words on a screen.. if you have been ok to date, consider it luck, and we all know that runs out in the end.

Happy touring!

Rene Joile xx



The Royal Vagina

What is becoming of this industry.. Where do so many ladies get off on thinking they are way above others. Aren’t we all in the same industry, doing the same thing, seeing the same people, in the same hotels, the same cities, the same countries blah blah blah…

What really irks me in this industry is the hierarchy that lurks among the ladies, old and new.

I see so many posts on social media from females putting other females down because they charge too much, too less, because they don’t take deposits, or because they are old or too young, because they show their face, boobs, or vag for free, or because they don’t own their own homes, blah blah blah. It drives me insane. Get over it!

Ok, I will confess, I have had made the random comment in regards to another ladies activities (this is not about the bear that I occasionally like to poke either), but never have I gone to the extreme to go hard and go to town on another lady for doing the same thing I do for a living, or toward a client that enables the lifestyle I love!!

There is no hierarchy, there are no rules, no guidelines, there is none of us among all of us that are better, more entitled, more worthy, more regal, more privileged, more special, more any friggin thing… we are all the same, the only difference is how we package what we do, and of course what the client prefers in a companion.

So why do ladies need to compete against each other? They don’t. If they just all sat back down on the same bench they got off and had a really good look at life, they would see that each of us are entitled to do things our own individual way.

Being a companion/escort/courtesan/mistress/sex worker, whatever terminology you like to use, is a choice we have all made. The choice has stemmed from basically the same thing, firstly from the want to make money. There are a few (lucky) ladies that do it for the thrill first then money second, but in all honesty, that is a rare reason to enter into the industry, and even though I absolutely love the sex, it was the money that drove me into the industry first.

In my years I have only met one lady that came into the industry for the thrill of it… It’s a great story, I will share it with you. To keep it discreet, I will change the actual real (even though they are fake) details as you never know she may still be surfing the vines loving life…

Anyway, Tayla, I will call her, was a gorgeous Eurasian lady, married to a tycoon of a man that was not only lovely, but super rich. Tayla had an incredible life and really, she had no need to lift a finger for much else than the manicurist. Her husband worked all the time, and seemed to spend most of his time at home sleeping with paperwork and whiskey.

Tayla loved sex. She was actually raving mad for it. I had never really believed in such a thing as a sex addict until I met her, so yes, now I can say that these addictions really do exist.

When Tayla started working, it was her husband that suggested she go and do it. Not for the money, but to get her off his back and give her something to do. The logic there was so Tayla could have all the sex she wanted without having an affair… it made sense, I guess, when you think about it. If I had a man that had no problem with me having loads of sex, I would probably be married too. Haha!

Where am I going with this? I have no idea really, as I have completely slipped off the subject being The Royal Vagina.. Oh yes, the hierarchy among the angels.

Gents, believe me when I say we are all the same, ladies, believe it too! It doesn’t matter what you charge or see your worth as, we all are providing a ‘service’ (I hate that word), we are all providing a service to those that wish to indulge for whatever reason, so zip your labia lips, and put your royal vagina back in your panties!

Today, I was chatting to a younger gent who was making a genuine inquiry. He, based in Asia, was university educated, lived at home, and travelled frequently with his family. This is not an uncommon habit in Asia. Families here are families forever, similar to European families, but the Aussies will never understand that as we are all for ourselves and not even close to being family orientated as they are here.

He was very polite, and very grateful that I gave him the time to discuss his inquiry. Sadly, he had made contact sometime back with another Australian international lady,  among a few others, who made him feel inferior, and stopped him in his tracks from making contact again with an international lady.

I feel grateful that he has been following my twitter fed for some years, oh yes, I am sure he follows many, but right now its all about me ;-)… anyway, this young gent contacted me and this is how our conversation flowed, in his words:

“and there was this meanie I encountered who travels the world too. She told me she drives a Porsche and only meets people who are on ‘her’ level.”

I asked who of course. He told me, and yes, I know her attitude all too well!

He continued, “After that I didn’t message anyone and got the guts to finally message you. Her message really demotivated me.”

Ladies, please stop looking down on clients, and other ladies within the industry. Stop judging the gents that contact you. There is no need for rudeness. Sure post a joke, but there is no need to go to extremes to offend or hurt somebody else’s feelings.

Not every client has to like you, and you don’t have to like every client, as with every lady… you all don’t have to like each other, but please stop pretending you wear a crown. I am pretty sure there are very few crowns on this planet, and I am even more sure that none of US own one!

Just because one client doesn’t suit your royal vagina, there is no need to put down the other vaginas, hairy, trimmed or bare. We all have one, and you know what, we all use it the same way!

Ok, rant over – for now!

Hey, I am really loving my life in Asia! It is giving me loads of time to reflect and write, and think outside of the box. I love this industry. I love what I do, and if I can exit it leaving behind some happy souls, and helping others along the way, then my job on earth will be done…. but don’t go into panic (or cheer) mode yet, I am a long way off hanging up my stilettos. I love wearing them too much!

Oh, by the way, I drive a Porsche, and you are welcome to park your tram ticket on the dashboard any day…. well, you know what I mean 🙂

Rene Joile xo