I am glad you asked đŸ™‚

As I frequent many cities, I prefer to list my fees in SG$. From there you can convert, give or take, to whichever currency which matches whichever city we may meet in.

Initial meeting from $1000 (approximately 1.5 hours)
Dining engagements from $2000 (approximately 4/5 hours)
Overnight from $4500
24 hours from $6000

Couples please add 25%

I use for currency exchanges


If we are not in the same city or county, I am more than happy to Fly To You.

If traveling within Asia, I require 24 hours notice and the minimum arrangements should be 4/5 hours from $2500. Travel expenses may or may not be required.

For Europe, UAE and USA, I will require a minimum of 48 hours. Fees from $10,000 US

Please contact me to discuss exclusive fees for business and corporate travel arrangements.

Thank you, Rene

Email: | Whatsapp: +65 8590 4690 | Line: @TravellingLady